Istvan Bentse, a dentist from Hungary, plans to go on horseback with the expedition from Astana to the Mongolian Karakorum, the former capital of the empire of Genghis Khan, reports.

“The route running through the territory of several Eurasian countries will give us an opportunity to feel the common roots of the Eurasian culture,” said Istvan Bence. “There is a good reason why we will move by horse, we want to fully immerse ourselves in the past. That is why we are going to wear the clothes of the ancient Huns”.

The expedition takes five years to complete the Silk Road. The first two stages have already been completed. From Hungary to Azerbaijan, from Baku to Astana. In June, travelers will walk from Astana to Mongolia. The most part of the route will pass through the territory of East Kazakhstan, that is why Istvan Bentse arrived in Ust-Kamenogorsk in advance to request support of local authorities.

“The route will run through Erementau – Ekibastuz – Pavlodar – Semey – Ust-Kamenogorsk – Ulken Naryn and Katon-Karagai”. We would like you to give us horses if possible, and where areas are difficult accessible, we will need sport utility vehicles”, – noted Istvan Bence.

Local authorities reacted with interest to the unusual request of foreign guests. After all, in addition to strengthening international friendship, this expedition will help to glory the Great Silk Road globally, the government of the East Kazakhstan region said. All travelling will be shot on video cameras, after that a documentary film will be made, which will be presented to the world community.

During the expedition the travelers plan to make a pilgrimage to Abay’s homeland, and to visit the Berel burial mounds. Go through the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. And the expedition will finish in 2020 on the Korean peninsula.