Chinese professor considers 5 social initiatives put forward by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on 5 March to be relevant around the world, sends own correspondent MIA of “Kazinform” in China.

Professor of the Institute for Border Studies at the Central University of Chinese Nationalities, Ph.D U Chuke knows firsthand Kazakhstan. He have worked in Eurasian National university named L.N.Gumilev on inter-university exchange program from September of 2013 to September of 2014. He wrote book “First republic of Silk road which leads to the west: notes about Kazakhstan” on returning to Beijing.

The expert dwells on each of the five social initiatives of Nazarbayev. U Chuke noted that China is also trying to focus on social issues when speaking about first “New opportunities to housing purchase for each family” and second “reducing the tax burden to increase the wages of low-paid employees” initiatives of President Kazakhstan. At the opening of the 1st session of the All-Chinese People’s Representatives Meeting (NPC) of the 13th convocation, the Premier of the State Council of the PRC Li Keqian also announced new tasks for China’s social and economic development.

“Chairman of PRC Si Jinping repeatedly stressed that “housing is intended for living, but not for speculation”. Adhering to this attitude, the current report of Premier Li Kieqiang of the State Council of the PRC on the work of the government set the tasks to effectively solve the housing problem of the population, the professor said.

Expert noted that task to reducing the tax burden for individuals is in the focus of delegates taking place in China these two days of session VSNP.

“It will stimulate the masses by their labor to increase their own income and strive for a better life” he stressed.

As teacher and people who live in the dormitory of ENU named L.N.Gumilev one year,             expert especially noted relevance of third initiative of Nursultan Nazarbaev “increasing the availability and quality of high education and improving student living conditions”.

“I live in dormitory in Astana and I know that student living conditions actually needs improvement. There are not enough places in dormitories. Most students forced to rent rooms or apartment in Astana by yourself. We need made all conditions for students to focus only on their studies. The future belongs to youth. And if all the conditions for her development are created, then the future of the whole country will be wonderful” he noted.

Also expert marked that this measure will bring to the country a multiplier effect when speaking about fourth message of President Nazarbaev – about increase the volume of microcredit for start-up entrepreneurs.

U Chuke marked importance of fifth initiative of President of Kazakhstan on further gasification of the country not only for everyday life and country`s ecology, but also for development of manufacturing industry.

“We need gas in many cases for development of modern manufacturing industry, because of this gasification is so important for further development of Kazakhstan`s economy” he said.

Professor noted that five social initiatives of Nursultan Nazarbaev are key trends of responsible and prosperous country`s development.

“Tasks set by your President is relevance around the world – whether China, USA, Kazakhstan and other countries. Today each country should pay paramount attention to social issues for own development. When citizens feel care and protection from country then patriotism is truly developing. After gaining independence Kazakhstan developed rapidly and has become a leader of Central Asia. I think, it is happened thanks to timely and wise measures of Nursultan Nazarbaev” U Chuke summarized.