Main goals of upcoming Shanghai cooperation organization on June of these year in Cindao is rallying of member states and strengthening the Shanghai spirit, increasing efficiency and influence of the SCO. The minister of foreign affairs of PRC Wan I announced about this, reports own correspondent MIA “KazInform” in China.

“Summit SCO in Cindao will become first summit after organization expansion. We are ready to work with SCO members for achievement three main goals on high level at the meeting. First is strengthening of rallying. We will hold high the Shanghai spirit`s grand banner together SCO`s members, also we will strengthen mutual trust and unity between members and build a community of one fate” he said in past press-conference on 8 march.

According to him second goal of SCO in Cindao is increasing efficiency of organization`s functioning.

“Pragmatic, effective and mutually beneficial cooperation is a source of impulse for SCO`s development. We will work above the adoption of the draft implementation plan “Treaty of long-term neighborhood and friendly Cooperation of the SCO member states” together member states. We will work over the signing and ratification of part of resolutions and documents about cooperation concerning safety, economy, trade, protection of environment and humanitarian sciences, also assisting member states in building “One belt, one road” and over the comprehensive development of SCO`s member states” he said.
Wan I named third goal of summit about increasing influence of the SCO in the international area.

“We will respond positively to international society`s expectations and stronger voice on international and regional issues, play more active role in regional cooperation and global economic governance together members of SCO for maintaining peace and stability in the world. Summit will become a new milestone in the history of SCO” sail the head of Foreign Ministry of PRC.