International conference China Enterprise Going Global Risk Conference 2018 passed 20 March in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, in which President of Eurasian Association of tourism Rysty Karabaeva took part. Conference organized by Jiang Tai International Alliance (JTIA) and Jiang Tai Global Assistance Alliance (JTGAA).

The conference was attended by business groups and representatives of the Ministries of Commerce, Development and Reform Commissions, departments of economics and IT technologies and other government departments from 20 provinces and municipalities of China, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Guangdong and others. Besides participants of conference were more than 30 representatives of trade areas of China in other countries, also more than 100 members of JTIA и JTGAA. Total number of visitors reached 2 500 people.

Conference presented global map of risks of 2018 from point of Chinese company`s view. It included 15 accented areas, such as Southeast and Northeast Asia. Risks divided into 5 levels in report: from ultra-low to super high. They ranked by next score: GDP per capita, business ease index, sovereign loan and other aspects, which cover 150 large districts around the world.

Experts analyzed risk dependence from aspects of policy, economy, business development, safety , travelling and public health.

“Concentrating on foreign investment, this problem-oriented Conference will consider three aspects: first aspect is improving risk`s identification, second is a safety enhancement, third aspect is improving dispute solution”, – told Mr. Shen Kaitao, president of JTIA and JTGAA.

During the conference was created under forum “Global forum on investment and trade in 2018”. Representatives of Chinese academy of international trade and economic cooperation, Chinese association of overseas development and business officer from embassy of Greece in China.

Also Mr. Shen Kaitao noted that subject parts of world market suffer large changes which incoming into Chinese market. China turned into spotlight of private companies of small and average business which belong to public companies.