New Ambassador Zhang Xiao also answered to issues about trade war and learning of Kazakh language.

New Ambassador of PRC in Kazakhstan Zhang Xiao gave first interview to Kazakh journalists. He told about intention to make maximum comfortable process of obtaining a visa for the trip of Kazakh to China, reported center of business information It was possible to talk with the diplomat at the event, where the results of the photo contest “China through the eyes of Kazakhstan’s people”, organized by the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

-The most important for me is enter the situation. Now it is important to acquaintance with all processes that occur here. With those issues that are directly related to the development of bilateral relations. I see my mission as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Kazakhstan in promoting cooperation in our relations both in depth and in breadth. This is my main task.

-Mr. Ambassador, we want to know about situation connecting with visa. Process of obtaining visa by Kazakhstan`s people for a trip to China is still remains difficult. What are you do for solving this issue?

-Actually it is not so difficult issue. It seems to me that some problems exist from both sides. But it is one of issues that I should do as ambassador. I think that soon we will meet with our colleagues from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. There will be one of the issues of agenda during consultation with our colleagues become the provision of the maximum facilities for our citizens who want ride to each other. I think that we have politic purpose and so we solve this problem.

-What do you think about growing tariff war between China and USA. Who can win in this war?

-Start with the fact that China doesn`t provoked this war. Against we always went to the first appointment following the practice of reform and openness, which China has been adhering to for 40 years. It was during this period that China became the second world economy. Last year alone, our GDP per capita was over 8 thousand dollars. Nevertheless, for us the most undesirable result is the proliferation of this very trade war with the United States, in which no one will win.

The Chinese diplomat is only two weeks in office, he speaks Russian perfectly. He asserts that he studied in China itself, where there is a very strong school of teaching Russian with its own special traditions.

– In this case, are you ready to start learning the Kazakh language?

– I think gradually, over time, everything will be. These are only my first days in Kazakhstan. Here you need to think carefully, draw up some kind of training plan.